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Geographic points depicting the locations of Dispatch Centers within Tier 1, 2, and 3 Dispatch Areas across the nation. Tier 1 refers to the National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC) which administers the entire country. Tier 2 are the Geographic Area Coordination Centers (GACCs). Tier 3 are the Local Dispatch Centers. Depending on availability of addresses, points may represent actual Dispatch Center offices or only the general city in which the center exists. If no address is listed in the DispAddress field, the location is specific to the city only and not to an address.07/08/2022 - Tabular change only. DispName corrected from "Columbia Cascades Communication Center" to "Columbia Cascade Communication Center" , per Desraye Assali, R6 Fire and Aviation GIS Coordinator. Edits by JKuenzi, USFS.5/5/2022 - Geospatial and tabular changes. Removal of Wellpinit, WA. Change was made to National Dispatch Boundary in 10/27/2021, to combine USWASAC with USWANEC, but removal of corresponding Dispatch Center was missed. Change verified by Ted Pierce, NW GACC Deputy Center Coordinator and Jill Jones, NE Washington Interagency Communications Center Mgr with Washington DNR. Edits by JKuenzi. 04/29/2022 - Tabular change only. Address of Colville Agency Dispatch (USWACAC) changed from "90 Polman Rd" to "90 Mount Tolman Rd". Information provided by Jill Jones, Interagency Dispatch Center Mgr for NE Washington Interagency Comm Center, and verified by call to USWACAC. No other changes made - locations and phone number were already correct. Edits by JKuenzi.04/04/2022 - Tabular changes only. Name change in Southern California from Monte Vista Interagency Center (USCAMVIC) to San Diego Interagency Center (USCASDIC) per James Tomaselli, Southern California Geographical Area Coordination Center Manager. Edits by JKuenzi. Following discussion between NRCC (Northern Rockies Geographic Area Coordination Center), USMTBZC in Bozeman, MT, and USMTBDC in Billings, MT, plans to merge Bozeman into Billings anticipated to start 4/18/2022, but will transition throughout 2022 year and be finalized on or near January 2023. USMTBZC (Bozeman Interagency Dispatch Center Office) was removed from the data earlier, but the effective start date of the implementation has been delayed from earlier expectations. Information provided by Kathy Pipkin, Northern Rockies Center Manager, and Kat Sorenson, R1 Asst Aircraft Coordinator. Edits by JKuenzi. 03/11/2022 - Geospatial and tabular changes. Information provided by Kathy Pipkin, Northern Rockies Center Manager, and Kat Sorenson, R1 Asst Aircraft Coordinator. Edits by JKuenzi.USMTBZC (Bozeman Interagency Dispatch) was absorbed into USMTBDC (Billings Interagency Dispatch). USMTBZC in Bozemen, MT, was removed . Change expected to go into effect on 3/31/2022. Rocky Boy's Dipsatch (Box Elder, MT), Blackfeet Dispatch (Browning, MT), Fort Belknap Dispatch (Harlem, MT), and Flathead Dispatch (Ronan, MT) all changed from DispatchTier 3 to DispatchTier 4.01/05/2022 - Geospatial and tabular changes. USMTFPAC (Fort Peck Dispatch) was closed/stopped as of 03/09/2020 per WFMI (Wildland Fire Management Information) application. USMTFPAC polygon was merged into USMTLEC per USMTLEC Center Manager. USMTFPAC (Fort Peck Dispatch) office location in Poplar, MT, was removed. Edits by JKuenzi, USFS.02/19/2021 - Geospatial and tabular changes. Fairbanks Area Forestry Dispatch, Delta Area Forestry Dispatch, and Tok Area Forestry Dispatch merged into Northern Forestry Dispatch Center (USAKNFDC) per per Jennifer L Jenkins - BLM GIS Specialist, and Ray Crowe - BLM Alaska Interagency Coordination Center (AICC) Center Manager, Dan Labarre - DNR, and Gabriella Branson - DNR. Locations for Delta and Tok were deleted. Tabular information for Fairbanks was updated with merged information. Edits by JKuenzi, USFS.12/21/2019 - 10/22/2020 - Geospatial and tabular changes. Table updated to match NWCG data standards. Original data only correct to nearest city location. Current layer updated to match building locations, except where noted. Locations derived from U.S. Census City locations, IRWIN Duty Stations data, Personal knowledge, geocoded locations produced by Texas A&M GeoServices, or calls with the actual dispatch offices, and confirmed using Google Earth Pro and Google Maps, where possible. Phone numbers added. FireNet emails added. Note that additional emails may be in use by the Dispatch Office, but have not been included. Edits by JKuenzi, USFS.

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