HPWREN Fire Ignition Library

The HPWREN Fire Ignition image Library (FIgLib) is based on sequences of wildland fire images as seen from fixed cameras at HPWREN sites. It contains hundreds of such sequences of different fires or different cameras, where a camera may even be separate imagers for color, or monochrome with more light and near-IR sensitivity.

This data is provided as-is, no guarantees for anything is included.

The primary purpose of this large archive, many gigabytes in size, is the creation of baseline data sets for 40 minutes before and after individual fire ignitions for neural network training, specifically AI-based detections of wildland fire ignitions based of content within a single or across multiple images. For illustration purposes full resolution MP4 video animations per individual data set are included as well. The image file names for the principal data set are:

origin_timestamp _ offset_(sec)_from_visible_plume_appearance .jpg

While we are making the data publicly available, its use requires a credit reference to "http://hpwren.ucsd.edu/" in derivative work. We encourage people and projects working with the data to contact us via the feedback form on the main HPWREN web site about what the archive is being used for.

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